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Who we are

Most opportunities and beginnings are rarely planned, and the beauty of how stories are preserved is what makes them memorable.


In 1989, we began our independent journey, and within two decades built a well-established family photographic studio with a broad circle of loyal clients.


WE love to play with light and shadows because is something uniquely special to us and is a never-ending challenge. We love to capture life in its contrast, to connect moment to eternity, to show the calm of fortune and joy of expectation.


After a decade we started to create an amazing wooden products with delicate details, inspired by elements of nature, that celebrate the moments in life. The moments that remind you of who you are and your own unique, perspective.


So we decided to bring the treasures of the earth handcrafted with love and intention from around the world to you, because each piece is selected individually to be then handmade into a designer wooden piece.

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